Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bodybuilding supplements?

Bodybuilding supplements?i am 16,,17 next month,,i have started weight training and was wondering what are the best supplements to take if you wanna get big almost bodybuilder like..at the moment i take a whey protein powder shake after my routine
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Best Answer - Chosen by Voterswork out every other day. monday, wednesday friday, sunday. or tuesday thursday saturday. it really does help before i worked out every day stopped. did it every other day and i got huge.i use whey protein isolate. but yea, you need to do over your limit lifting. lets say you bench 150 ( just saying ) go for 155-165 thats a technique to get you bigger. also stay away from cardio ! that stuff will tone you and all but it makes mass of your muscles smaller. and now for the best way to get mass and body builder like. CREATINE!. it fills your muscles with all the water intake, if you use creatine right you will look like a body builder ( use it with 8 minimum glasses of water and lift alot )i hope this helped. im 15 and i bench 200 and im working on being body builder size to