Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Are these signs a guy likes a girl?

Are these signs a guy likes a girl?I am a 2nd year in college and I recently joined a pre-business fraternity. we were assigned a "big" based on a mutual selection process. the big is supposed to help you out with whatever you need. one day the fraternity had a lunch, and i was sitting at one end of the table and my big (who wasn't my big yet at the time) was sitting there too. but then i moved, and he moved to sit next to me again. we had never really spoken yet. but we had a great conversation, and someone told me that someone said we really clicked well at the lunch.i never said this, so he must have told someone that. i was told that he told people he wanted to be my big from before we even spoke at the lunch. then, we had a party, and we were all drinking. my big and i kept giving each other hugs. then, at one point, his arm was around my waist and then i put my arm around his. it seemed like we could not keep out hands off each other. he then asked if i was cold and gave me his jacket. now, whenever we see each other, he hugs me and wraps all his arms around me tightly. also, at another party, we were sitting next to each other close, and he put his arm around my shoulder and and said, yes i'm her big to someone, and his leg/arm kind of brushed against me a couple times. i feel a connection with him. when i first saw a picture of him before i had met him before, i felt like he was a guy version of me, and the perfect guy for me. i am not an official member yet, so dating between me and him would be forbidden according to the fraternity and we could both get kicked out if we dated and i know he would avoid that. but i feel like his little hints are signs that once i am an official member things could become more serious, and that he is maybe trying to show people that subtly? there was a picture of us on facebook people were all commenting on in which his arm was around my waist tightly. is this wishful thinking or could he feel the same as me???
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Best Answer - Chosen by Health waleI'd say he likes you. Once you're an official member, he's probably gonna ask you out the day after. If he doesn't ask you out within a week of becoming a member, and he still acts like this, then I suggest asking him instead of waiting on him. Yeah, it's more risky, but it's what guys have to do all the time if they have feelings towards a girl. some guys even like it better if the girl asks them; it shows that theyTruly do love them and aren't afraid of what other people think.